Girl Power Playlist

Who doesn't love a good playlist that get you all happy and feeling like dancing all day long? I know I do! Today I created a playlist of twenty songs for all my powerful women out there. if you're feeling a bit down just listen to this playlist and I can guarantee that you will feel like you can do anything!   

Get ready to dance!


1- Power- Little Mix
2- I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor 
3-You Don't Own Me- Grace ft. G-Easy
4-Independent Women - Destiny's Child
5-Salute -  Little Mix 
6- Hush Hush- The Pussycat Dolls
7- Wannabe - Spice Girls
8-Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld 
9- Run The World (Girls) -  BeyoncĂ©
10-Girl on Fire -  Alicia Keys
11- Bo$$ - Fifth Harmony
12-  I'm Every Woman -  Whitney Huston
13- No Scrubs -  TLC
14- Survivor- Destiny's Child 
15- Ain't Your Mama -  Jennifer Lopez
16- Man, I Feel Like A Woman -  Shania Twain 
17-  Shoutout To My Ex -  Little Mix 
18- Respect - Aretha Franklin
19- That's My Girl-  Fifth Harmony 
20- Single Ladies - BeyoncĂ© 

Put on your dancing shoes and let's jam! 


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