Confessions of a Literature Student

by - Saturday, March 04, 2017

I've always loved reading and writing. My mother always instilled the habit of reading in both me and my sister. For as long as I can remember, I always had a book sitting on my nightstand, ready to be read before I went to bed. So, it is no surprise I ended up studying English and Spanish Literature in University.
I am now in my second year of uni, which feels kind of unreal, to be honest. I feel like only yesterday I enrolled in high school. 

Although I am studying literature, I have a few confessions regarding my degree that I thought it'd be fun to share with you guys: to let you guys know that not all lit students know everything about every author and read every book. 

1- No, I am not a Shakespeare fan 

2-No, I don't spend all my time reading- although I do read a fair share of books a month.

3-Yes, I do like '50 Shades of Grey', which is considered a sin among a lot of Lit students, but in all honesty, I need something light and easy to read every now and again. 

4- Sometimes, I just read books for the sake of reading and don't think about what the author means when they write a certain sentence. 

5- More often than not I don't read the book I'm assigned to read and just search for a very detailed summary of it online. 

6- I really don't like poetry 

7- I find American Literature lectures much more interesting than Spanish Literature lectures

8- With that being said, I still get very sleepy in a lot of my American Literature Lectures (and hungry too)

9- I've never heard of a fair amount of authors we talk about in lectures

10- And the authors I do know about, I haven't read their books or have read ones that are not in my subject's syllabus.

So, here you go: ten confessions of a lit uni student who doesn't quite fit the 'book nerd' stereotype. 

Are you in Uni? Do you have any confession to make? Let me know in the comments! 


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