As the weather cools down, we women tend to tone down the color of our nail polishes. While most of us wear super bright and neon color during the summer, in the fall we tend to shift into moody tones and dark colors. Today, I'm here to show you 5 nail polishes I own that are perfect for fall.

1- Kiko Nail Lacquer (275) - 1,99€ (on sale)

You really can't go wrong with a good black nail polish right? I love this Kiko one: it's the perfect shade and you don't need to apply tons of coats (like I had to with other polishes) to get it completely opaque, two coats will do the trick. 

2- Kiko Nail Lacquer (243)- 1,99€ (on sale)

I love this shade, it reminds me so much of fall.The deep plum shade looks great on the nails, and just like the black polish, two coats are enough to make the nail color completely opaque. 

3- Kiko Nail Lacquer (319)- 1€ (on sale)

Although this polsih is a light grey color, it's still a great fall color. The grey tone makes it look moody but as it is light, it's not as heavy as some darker colors. 

4- Andreia Rocket Nail Polish (114)- 2,99€ 

Nude tones are great for any season. It's subtle yet still noticeable. I think this nude polish is great for fall because it has a slight grey tint, which gives the polish a moodier look. 

5-Code Nail Color (97)- 1€ (on sale)

I had never seen a camel / warm brown colored nail polish before, so when I saw this one, I had to get it. It was the first time I bought a nail polish for Code and I had very low expectations, but I have to say, this is actually a good polish. It dries fast and you don't need a ton of coats to make it opaque. Definitely a good surprise.

 What are your favorite polishes or fall? 

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