The Fashion Tag

The Fashion Tag

Today, I decided to do something a little different. I've been watching a lot of tag videos on Youtube and I came across The Fashion Tag and thought 'why not do this myself?' I guess I should've been tagged by someone in order to do this but, oh well!

1- How would you describe your style?

I think my style is very practical, girly but still casual. I love mixing girly pieces with edgier ones!

2- What are your  wardrobe staples? 

White blouse, boyfriend jeans, black jeans, leather jacket and white trainers. I fell like you can build an amazing wardrobe from these 5 items!

3- What's the most expensive item in your closet? 

i am not 100% sure, but I think it is my Sandro black duster coat (I've had it for a few years now)

4- What's your most wanted item? 

At the moment I'd say the Saint Laurent Mini Sac De Jour in either black or pink.  

5- What's your favorite designer?

Saint Laurent all the way! 

6- How much do you spend on clothes? 

I don't really know. It depends. I don't spend a lot of money at once thought. 

7- What are your favorite places to shop? 

I love Zara (kinda went on a shopping spree there yesterday)! H&M and Stradivarius are also two stores I really like. 

8- What's your favorite fragrance? 

My all-time favorite fragrance is 212 by Carolina Herrera, but I also love Our Moment by One Direction (people are probably gonna make fun of me but it's seriously such a good fragrance) and Weekend by Burberry (this is the fragrance i'm currently wearing)

9- What's your favorite way to do your hair? 

So recently, I cut my hair and it s now in layers. Since I cut it, What I've been doing is just straighten it. I used to put my hair into waves but now with this new haircut I don't really like it so I stick with the straight hair-do.

10-  What's your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?

During the winter, I'll just put on leather pants, over-the-knee black boots, white shirt a black coat  and a black bag. 
During the Spring/ Summer I'll wear my Levis boyfriend jeans, a white flowy blouse, my light pink duster (depending on the temperature), either my Adidas superstars or my Yeezy's and a pink or brown bag. 

11-  What's the one fashion trend you wish would come back or stay? 

I'm loving the off-the-shoulder trend and also the white and blue stripes trend, so I'd say I'd very much like these two to stick around. 

12- What's your most prized possession in your wardrobe? 

Definitely my  Michael Kors wallet. I got it as an Easter gift by my Godmother and I've treated that thing like a baby since it came into my hands! 

13- Tag someone 

I tag everyone who is reading this! 

My Swimwear Picks

My Swimwear Picks

Images: Pinterest 

Summer is almost here! And you know what that means: beaches, swimming pools and much more!
As the years have gone by, swimwear has evolved a lot and we've seen tons of trends each passing  year. This past two years the trend has been swimsuits. Now, I remember people use to think that swimsuits were only for older ladies, but now (almost) every girl has at least one swimsuit in their beachwear wardrobe. It's crazy how trends change people's minds so fast (me included). Of course, bikinis didn't go out of fashion, they also are very trendy, especially high-waisted bikinis.
Today, I picked a few of my favorite swimwear items and decided to share them with you so you can, maybe, get some inspiration or even buy one of those I picked!

How To Style // Culottes

How To Style // Culottes

Source of the three photos: Pinterest 

Culottes: You either love them, or you hate them. There is no in-between!
I actually never liked this, trend to be honest. I used to wear culottes a lot when I was little and I would cry so much when my mom made me wear them, so, as you can tell, my dislike for culottes is a few years old. But recently, I've developed a passion for them after going through a tons of pictures of bloggers. I don't know how they would look on me though, but oh well!
Today, I'm here to show you how I would style culottes and how you can style them too!

Untitled #2189

Untitled #2188

Untitled #2123

Untitled #2146

Untitled #2172

Shop here my favorite culottes:

My Favorite Quotes

My Favorite Quotes

I love quotes! Always, had, always will. I even have a little notebook where I write down my favorite quotes.  Now, I could show you every single quote on it, but this post would be 250 miles long, so I decided to choose a few of my favorite ones to share with you, and maybe give you some inspiration.

Disclaimer:  These photos are not mine, I found them on Pinterest. All the credit goes to the owners.

What are your favorite quotes?

How to Style // Slip Dresses

How to Style // Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are one of the biggest trend this Spring/Summer! Fashion Week's around the world were filled with these babies. 
At first, I didn't really like them because I thought they just looked like fancy pajamas, but now I'm in love with them. I'm still a bit skeptical about the whole 't-shirt under a slip dress thing' , but who knows? I might start loving that in a while.  
Here are some ways I'd style slip dresses:

Untitled #2100

Untitled #2181

Untitled #2180

Untitled #2129

Shop my favorite slip dresses below:

Tips and Tricks// How to save money

Tips and Tricks// How to save money

Tips and trick in how to save money - The European Closet

Saving money: Everyone wants to do it, but not everyone can. I speak for myself (and probably a lot more people) when I say  I get super excited to save money and then I enter a shop and all that excitement goes away and is replaced by the excitement of buying a new piece of clothing or a new lipstick (it's sad, I know)!
Now, as a university student, I have to be very careful with the money I spend, so I started to do something in order to save some cash and, as I know A LOT of people struggle to do this as well, I decided to share some tips on what I do (or at least attempt) to save money: 

1- Bring your lunch from home instead of spending money eating out.

This is a thing I should've started doing at the beginning of the school year but unfortunately I didn't. This might sound like a bother: having to cook and then transport the food to school/ work, but trust me, it's so worth it! I speak for myself: if I take food with me to university instead of eating at the cafeteria, I save a little over 10€ a week. That's 40 something € a month!

2-  Always compare prices

This is something I learnt from my mom: she does this every time. You know those annoying supermarket papers you find EVERY SINGLE DAY on your mail? They are actually pretty helpful! Browse through them and compare prices. For example, in a certain supermarket a Colgate Toothpaste may cost 2,5€ (totally making that number up) and in another supermarket  it might be 20 cents cheaper. I know it doesn't sound like a lot of money to save but it's better than nothing. 

3- Become a member/ Get Discounts 

A lot of brands and stores have discounts and coupons that are given exclusively to people who have their store/brand cards or are listed in their subscription emails. This can help you save a lot of money. 
I'll tell you two stories: Last week I turned 19 and as I gift, a perfume/beauty shop gave me a 7,5€ coupon and I was able to buy a liquid lipstick (which i'll be reviewing soon) for 2,45€ when it originally cost 9,95€. 
The other story is: my godmother subscribed to Blanco's newsletter and because of that she received a 50% off discount on a purchase! She bought two pairs of shoes and 2 bags for half their price! 

4- Keep track of your expenses 

Writing down the money you receive and the amount you spend is a great way to keep track of your expenses. My Mr. Wonderful   agenda comes with 12 expenses boards (one for each month) where I write down the amount of money I received that month on one column and the money I spent on the other one. This helps me see how much I money I have left at the end of each month and it also helps me to figure out how to save even more the following month. 

5- Create a savings account

Out of sight out of mind right? If you can't see your money, you won't be tempted to spend it.
I have an account that, everytime I put money in there, half of it goes into my savings account. This is a great way to save money, because, for you to transfer the money on your savings account back into your 'usable' account takes a bit of work and most people will just be like 'I don't have time for this' and they'll just leave the money right where it is. 

So, these are my top tips on how to save money!
What do you do to save money? 

 How To Style // Off The Shoulder Tops

How To Style // Off The Shoulder Tops

Hey guys! Today, I decided to do a 'How To Style' post about one of my favorite trends for this Spring/Summer : off the shoulder tops.
Last year, you could already see these tops on several stores, but now they are EVERYWHERE! Tons of bloggers and celebrities are rocking this trend and I absolutely love it.
Here are some ways I'd style these tops:

Untitled #2126

Untitled #2108

Untitled #2091

Untitled #2145

Untitled #2135

Untitled #2133

Untitled #2122

Untitled #2113Untitled #2146

Shop my favorite off the shoulder tops below:

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