Styling: Adidas Stan Smith

     Stan Smith's are everywhere this season! This type of shoes have been around for a very long time (my mom even had a pair when she was younger), but this season, it came in full force.
     I've seen so many people wearing them, and each one styling them in a different way. I feel like these sneakers (or any ones that are similar) are an essential this season, that, not only revolves a lot around that 70's vibe but around the sporty vibe as well. 
     These shoes are great go-to shoes for anyone who wants to have a sporty touch on their look.  I haven't got my hand on a pair yet because I bought a similar pair at Stradivarius (you can see me wearing them in this post ), but I'm thinking about buying a black pair. I'm not sure yet, but let's see...
     Now- I speak for myself- sometimes, I struggle a bit with how to style these sneakers. Fortunately, Polyvore is a great inspiration source for when I have a problem like this so, today, I'm showing you some ways to style them. I hope you enjoy!

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