Hi! My name is Rita and this is my new blog. Just so you can know a bit more about me, here are some facts:

     1- I am 17 years old and I was born on May 3rd 1997. 

     2- In two weeks I'll be starting my senior year in high-school. 

     3- I really want to pursue a career in the fashion world- I'd love to be a fashion journalist or a stylist. 

     4- I can speak three different languages- Portuguese, English and Spanish- and I can say some words in French and Italian. 

     5- I love shopping at Zara and H&M.

     6- I'm a massive fan of One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. 

     7- I really want to move to either London or New York City. 

     8- I love reading and writing. 

     9- My tumblr is:

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